Cancer cells do not die!

Natural cell death (apoptosis) is often disturbed in the cancer cell. Thus, a tumor cell (cancer cell) can live forever and continue to divide.

Tumor cells in the fight against the immune system

Apoptosis in the cancer cell

Disorders in apoptosis program are involved in a variety of diseases such as tumorigenesis.

Vaccine for the treatment of cancer

The tumor needs the death

It sounds paradoxical, but cell death is as important for the survival of a multicellular organism as cell division.

The metastases are also treated with autologous dendritic cells

Signal exchange - apoptosis

For the cancer cell to die, the signal production must be put back in tack, otherwise it lives forever and mutates further.

As an adjunct therapy essential for cancer.

The goal of any cancer therapy should be to kill the tumor. For a cancer cell can theoretically live and multiply forever, form metastases, spread throughout the body. So that a tumor does not continue to grow, ie a residual risk for it is minimized, chemists, radiotherapy or even immunological therapies require helpers that cause the tumor cells to die off. This is where the ImmuSeroForte comes in and helps the system to kill the tumor or induce cell death (apoptosis) while preserving healthy cells. The ImmuSeroForte is the regulator of the immune system to initiate the necessary cell death (apoptosis) and to restore the signal exchange between the cells. Calcineurin A, FADD, caspases, MyD88 and many other proteins are all drugs that either provide the necessary signal enhancement or can help initiate programmed cell death. In cancer therapy, as an adjunct therapy to known or even alternative cancer therapies, these functions are essential. ImmuSeroForte is an absolutely crucial component of cancer therapy at any time and at any stage of the disease. It stimulates cancer cells by enabling the activation of the body's own immune system to fight cancer effectively.

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