Alzheimer - Dementia

dendritic cells

An improvement of the disease state or even prevention is possible

tumor cells

Can be detected in the blood by tumor counting. 1ml whole blood ist required.

Cancer vaccination

The loaded & mature dendritic cells are injected monthly as an application series.

Metastases are combated

Dendritic cell therapy not only combats the primary toumour, but also the metastases

"DKZplus" treatment concept  includes the following components:

  • Blood sampling of 200 ml whole blood (in Children and elderly up to 150 ml)
  • Production of 4 application series with autologous dendritic cells loaded with the antigens
  • Application series are delivered monthly of the treating physicain in the practice
  • At the beginning and at the end of the therapy one tumor count each (1,5 ml whole blood)
  • 10 times a week injection with ImmuSeroForte at your doctor´s office
  • Logistic service of collection and repective delivery of the products to the doctor´s office

IMMUMEDIC is an international medical service provider for its clients such as physicians and clinics in Europe. Specializing in the supply of autologous DCs.

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