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    We will help you to get healthy again – with our therapy concepts and our medical specialists.

    About us/ medical Advisory Board

    dendritische Zelltherapie mit immumedic


    Who we are, where we can be you ministering?

    Who is behind the company Immumedic Servicios Medicos S.L.


    We, the company IMMUMEDIC Servicios Medicos S.L., drawing us from the fact that we. To our prospects and customers and to, cooperating doctors and naturopaths keep us very close contact Only in this way one is able to bring an important therapeutic organizationally and temporally in a reasonable path.


    So we combine the necessary technical know-how, the laboratory work, a skilled professional transportation logistics, documentation and quality management according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and adapted to the requirements of the Department of the help of financial support by private or public health insurance carrier.


    That our modern laboratory in Germany staffed has a 14-year-long experience with the here offered immunotherapy with dendritic cells, makes us proud and inspires confidence among our customers, the patients of our therapists.


    With this motivation - as a separate professional claim - a team of specialists from various disciplines has internationally have joined to this comprehensive treatment concept 'DKZplus' transpose to you as a concerned party.


    Care was taken that the treatment concept promises an absolute sustainability. Benefit as a patient of our treatment concept with a therapy that is free of annoying side effects. Our treatment concept is the product constantly checked.


    State-certified laboratories in Germany, soon also in Austria and Spain, guarantee consistent quality at the highest level.


    The opening of our laboratories in Spain (Marbella, Av. Ricardo Soriano), et al for the production of dendritic cells for the treatment of tumor involvement is provided 2016.


    A team of specialists constantly engaged in the product development and quality control. In short, the company developed the IMMUMEDIC treatment concept 'DKZplus' which the person concerned a better quality of life and a sustainable future in the fight against many diseases can offer.

    For medical questions please contact our specialists and medical practitioners over the phone.


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    Medical Advisory Board


    ur Medical Advisory Board is an independent, constantly growing international panel of doctors, scientists and health practitioners with different priorities. The advisory board accompanies and supports IMMUMEDIC in medical concepts and treatment protocols immunotherapies.


    The Advisory Board is the technical basis for the development of study designs for other indications and therapeutic combinations and for our quality control according to GMP.


    Treatment provider and interested physicians, we ask you to send us the technical questions via e-mail using the form on this page. Because of these greater disparities body with different orientations and responsibilities of the individual members, this method leads to the fastest result.


    Patients are requested to contact us with questions whose answer is not obvious from our publications on this website, exclusively at their physician or physiotherapist. Please note as a patient, that we can not make any medical advice.

    Please note that we can not make any medical advice, questions, please contact your specialist physician or your health practitioner.

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