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    We will help you to get healthy again – with our therapy concepts and our medical specialists.

    We would like to introduce ourselves and who is behind the company IMMUMEDIC Servicios Médicos S.L.


    The company IMMUMEDIC Servicio Médicos S.L. was founded from the motivation to offer each affected person an individual treatment concept and we started with the concept against cancer which we named DKZplus, which is 100 % natural and not debilitating at being effective and sustainable while curing from cancer.


    Care was taken, that the treatment concept promises an absolute sustainability.


    Each affected person should take his own benefit from our treatment concept DKZplus, which is free of annoying side effects. This treatment concept, as a product, is constantly checked. Laboratories with latest technologies in Germany,in the near future also in Austria and Spain, guarantee a constant quality of highest level. It's making us proud that we can rely on 14 years long job experience in manufacturing dendritic cells in a laboratory for an immunotherapy as we are offering. That creates confidence at all our clients.


    We, as the company IMMUMEDIC, are characterized by maintaining very close contacts to our clients and interested persons affected and to the medical specialists, which are working or will work together with us. Only by that we all will have the ability, to direct such an important therapy into the right channels – means, fully organised with a best time management.


    In short, the company IMMUMEDIC has developed treatment concepts, which allow for persons affected a better quality of life and a more sustainable future in the battle against a lot of diseases.


    Medical Advisory Council


    The 'Medical Advisory Council' is an independent and growing, international group of specialists for medicine and genetic – with various focus areas. The council accompanies and supports the company IMMUMEDIC with its medical concepts and treatment procedures for the immunotherapies.


    The development of study designs for further indications and the quality control in accordance with the rules of GMP have here their professional basis.


    Your questions, as being a patient, which cannot be answered by the information which we are publishing on our website, should be asked to your doctor / physician or your medical practitioner. That's why we are no allowed to make any direct medical consulting. Thank you for your understanding.


    Professional questions out of the circle of attending and interested health professionals should be sent to us by e-mail. For that please use the form on the page 'Specialist Doctors' (the green bloc on the right). Because of the increased number of members in our council, each with different responsibilities and focuses, a message by e-mail with your question will bring the quickest and best result.

    For medical questions please contact our specialists and medical practitioners by telephone.


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    Phone Int.: +49 - 5205 - 60 75 363



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    Please note that we can not make any medical advice, questions, please contact your specialist physician or your health practitioner.

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