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We will help you to get healthy again – with our therapy concepts and our medical specialists.

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A particular therapy, such as e.g. a truly biological cancer therapy, to obtain directly from the technically competent doctor you trust or even with your health practitioner - rather than transverse to travel through the country or even needing to leave it - we can offer you as an internationally based, medical providers. Exactly because of our structure as a company in Europe, we may as with national regulations [eg in Germany by §§ 13 and 14 of the Medicines Act or in Austria by prohibiting the laboratory work] such advanced therapy modules for the treatment, in conjunction with your doctor or medical practitioner, delivering. European suppliers can not be ruled out holding of national markets. And this will give you the advantage now.

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Video biological cancer therapy

dendritische Zelltherapie mit immumedic

As from healthy cells tumor cells



What did exactly the first cell into a cancer cell, can almost never find in patients retrospectively. Cancer occurs in several steps: Various properties of healthy cells are lost, other features will also be included (for example, by aging, environmental influences or genetic manipulation). Advances in molecular biology have provided many new insights into the development of cancer in recent years.

dendritic cells


dendritische Zelltherapie mit Immumedic

Preamble for defined as a separate cell group only recently cells with tree-like cell processes by which they include lymphocytes and present antigen-antibody complexes. Differences are: follicular dendritic cells in B cell areas of lymphoid organs (inter alia germinal centers of secondary follicles); interdigitating dendritic cells in the T-lymphocyte regions of lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, Peyer's patches, and thymus; Langerhans cells in the skin. Meanwhile, the cells were detected with monoclonal antibodies in almost all non-lymphoid organs of cells.



Lump, swelling; in the strict sense a proliferation of cells, did grow uncontrollably. There are benign and malignant Tumours.

malignant tumor (malignant tumor)

Malignant tumors are referred to as 'cancer'.


They grow - unlike benign destructive in other tissues and may form secondary tumors in distant parts of the body.

cancers diseases


take, according to the WHO in the coming years, although the science discovers more and more about the cancer. The treatment options are always better the known side effects of tumor therapy decrease. Due to the increased life expectancy and the various changes and contamination of the environment contribute to the cancer will rise sharply. After the conventional therapies, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone treatment, in combating solid tumors could only have limited success, increased interest in the immunotherapy in recent years.

The standard therapies


the chemotherapy or radiotherapy, are established therapies for decades. When chemotherapy and radiation treatments trying to prevent cell division. In a radiotherapy or chemotherapy healthy cells are also taken into Mtleidenschaft. Chemotherapy is administered in different cycles and can last for months. Deciding which form of therapy for your cancer best promises a cure, your doctor will decide or oncologist. Also, a therapy-accompanying treatment with dendritic cells is a decision that you have only to discuss with your doctor.

Nobody likes to talk about it, but ignoring does not help: Prostate cancer is the most common malignant tumor in men in Germany. It is a sad fact that in our country each year, about 65,000 men new about it and die from the same period almost 12,000. During a limited time disorders can result from damage, be permanent problems result of removal of the nerve under surgical procedures.

Sometimes, however, stuck even psychological discomfort behind.

The statistics even still shows a rising trend .. More information [here]

In general our immune system is capable of the daily incurred to fight up to 8 malignancies. Too often, however, our immune system is weakened too much, with the result that cells can degenerate. Based on these findings and scientific evaluations and studies try many physicians to help their patients with medicines, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to strengthen the immune system. The complementary medicine wins to build up the immune system become increasingly important. The fact that the dendritic cells can zoom breed outside the body, inspires the scientific research. Dendritic cells are cells that constantly patrol the body tissue and detect foreign cell structures. These foreign bodies are taken up by the dendritic cells and broken down into small components which are then placed on the surface thereof exhibited. This provision for displaying the dendritic cells migrate from the tissue in the lymph nodes. Here the foreign structures are the special enforcer cells (cytotoxic T lymphocytes) presented or offered. These are then actively destroy their structural features. The helper T cells are activated by the dendritic cells, which then enter the bloodstream locally and produce substances that act supportive on the cytotoxic T cells. Through this interaction of dendritic cells, macrophages, T cells and B cells antibodies are produced.

HSP - heat shock protein against incurable cancers and autoimmune diseases


The ubiquitous sentinel proteins hot: Heat shock proteins (HSPs), stress proteins or chaperones ("Chaperones"). They are characteristic of all life forms and monitor its versatility various cellular processes. They ensure smooth and responsive processes. In their various molecular contacts the HSPs take a sense antigen fingerprints of the contents of the cells for review by the immune system. In the evolution them grew thereby also a crucial function for immune responses against pathogens and cancer. The biologically Made ImmunSeroForte has been successfully used for years in incurable Krebserkranungen and autoimmune diseases.

The Genetics


a portion of the biology and also deals with the lineage or heredity. If in Germany after the second half of the century described as Erbbilologie. A geneticist deals with cells and cell genetics. The genetics deals with the hereditary factors or genes, their control and passing them on to the next generation.

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