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Our office is located in the south of Germany and is approved as a laboratory for the production of dendritic cells and operates according to GMP guidelines.


The GMP is the 'Good Manufacturing Practice' (Good Manufacturing Practice) and means for you as a specialist, medical practitioner or interested parties that our laboratory produces the required cell suspensions as manufactured by this quality standard.


The production of dendritic cells in our laboratory is performed by specialists from genetics and experienced in this field laboratory technicians.


This ensures that the necessary for our treatment concepts dendritic cells according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health to § 2 no. 3 of the drug and drug manufacturing Regulation of 27 October 2006 (Federal Gazette p. 6887) are optimally prepared. [GMP Guide]


The production of dendritic cells include: [shortened form, more here]


  • Day zero = Arrival One whole blood in the laboratory, it is immediately started with the isolation of dendritic progenitor cells.


  • The whole blood is separated into a special insulating glass by centrifugation into different fractions. Here, the precursor cells are loaded with highly pure, genetically engineered tumor material.


  • After several cleaning processes, the isolated cells are placed in a tissue culture dish with broth.


  • Within 7 days, the dendritic cells are grown in an incubator. Through the microscope, the maturation of dendritic cells is constantly monitored.


  • After the final inspection, the cells are harvested and cleaned several times (technical terms). The harvested about 3 to 6 million dendritic cells are taken for an application in two small syringes and delivered fresh on 8 days per Medical logistics in your practice.


The applications have to be injected subcutaneously on the same day of arrival in the patient.

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