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We will help you to get healthy again – with our therapy concepts and our medical specialists.

Our offer is aimed at self-pay patients


We offer our therapies only to private patients as direct payers and only with a connection to a treating doctor, physician or natural health professional. Such a doctor / medical specialist can be e.g. your family doctor or someone of the doctors who can be proposed by IMMUMEDIC for doing the treatment.


Members of a private medical insurance (PMI) or customers/patients with a supplementary insurance or with a social benefit (for officials) might have a claim of reimbursement to their insurance or social system. Each patient, as customer of IMMUMEDIC, has to organise such procedure autonomously and totally independent of the implementation of the contract for getting the treatment.



A support, e.g. documents like patient information, written offers, copies of invoices and a proof of the finished therapy, for getting such a reimbursement will be given by IMMUMEDIC.


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For medical questions please contact our specialists and medical practitioners by telephone.


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Please note that we can not make any medical advice, questions, please contact your specialist physician or your health practitioner.

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