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Immunotherapy against cancer

Information on the biological cancer therapy


Immunotherapy against cancer.

Germany 2016-03-08


A biological cancer therapy with Dendritic Cells (DC), exclusively prepared out of the blood of the affected person, is one of the most effective ways to fight against the tumour. Prof. Dr. med. Dirk Jäger of the University Hospital Heidelberg boils it down to the essence when he delivered an opinion on the 'limited and almost primitive approaches of chemotherapy', which gives poison into the body in order to kill as much cells as possible. Due to the fact that much more than 200 different types of cancer exist, it is easy to become aware of a real problem and to find out the task for a modern immunotherapy with genetically engineered Dendritic Cells.


When asking patients affected, over 70 % of those voice their unanimous: "I don't want a chemotherapy" and "Are there any other treatment options?" It can be noted that there are options, with very good chances of success. And these chances have to be seized in case of the Dendritic Cell Therapy, because doctor's reports indicate that 30 – 40 % of the treated patients show a reduction of the tumour burden within a very short time and at approx. 50 % even a remission was recorded. For approx. 10 % of the treated patients there was regrettably no more chance for a cure.


Today there is an opportunity for to make an ambulatory treatment at your local doctor, physician or medical practitioner – also we can be asked for a specialist in your area. The Dendritic Cell Therapy – as the personalised immunotherapy against cancer – has been taken by a lot of private patients over a 14 years period till now. It should be known that our Dendritic Cell Therapy works with endogenous/autologous Dendritic Cells (means, it's fully biological because it is from your own body).


The cost for such a DC therapy develops quite economical. It is much cheaper compared with the so called standard therapies, makes less psychical stress, has no annoying side effects, needs only small timeframes for the ambulant applications, the daily routine can be continued – thus there will be also no loss of earnings. The quality of life can be saved.


For a reimbursement of the costs it is to say, that a) the statutory health insurances do not take over the costs (there can be exceptions, but only on request in particular cases) b) the private health insurance companies – dependent on the insurance policy - usually take over the cost for such an advanced therapy.


The Dendritic Cell Therapy is a well approved method in the complementary acting private medicine and is becoming now more and more appreciation by international doctors of the traditional medicine. It's a real biological, fully personalised, non-medicamentous cancer therapy – the alternative which brings hope for healing to thousands of cancer suffers. So, please use our service with our experienced specialists and ask your questions – e.g. weather our treatment method DKZplus can be in your case an alternative treatment or an associated treatment to chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. Under the heading 'Questions to the Specialist' you can give a little explanation of your case and you will get a free advice from our specialists. [here]

The Principle of the Dendritic Cells


By a specific method in our special laboratory, the dendritic precursor cells, that have the ability to grow into dendritic cells, can be isolated from the blood of the patient.

During the maturation process of the precursor cells, genetically engineered tumour components (based on the patient's own blood) will be added.


The immature precursor cells can be added with those components outside the body – so there is no more a need for a dangerous specimen collection of tumour cells by a surgery.


The fully developed dendritic cells will be processed to an injectable liquid for being injected subcutaneously in the inguinal lymph nodes area of the patient's body. Then, the dendritic cells have to migrate to the lymph nodes and to activate the different types of solid plug cells (e.g. so-called cytotoxic T-lymphocytes) that are capable of killing malignant cells.


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