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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions from patients and appropriate answers!


Dendritic cells which come from the purpose and use them?


Dendritic cells belong to the leukocytes and are present in the white blood cells. They can be found as progenitor cells in small numbers in the blood. Your task in the tissues of the organism is, foreign or dangerous pathogens, antigens, altered body cells, bacteria, fungi, viruses and tumor cells to detect. The progenitor cells bind foreign substances and components on their surface, take them on and transport them to the lymph nodes or the spleen. While they migrate to the lymph nodes or the spleen, mature progenitor cells zoom to dendritic cells. There enter the mature dendritic cells (DCs also called) their information to the immune cells further. The so-called killer cells (T cells, NK cells and B cells) carry out an immune response and are distributed via the bloodstream throughout the body to perform there their defensive function.


What tumors can be treated with dendritic cells?


There are about 200 different types of cancer. Basically, all of which can be treated with the DCs. The best results were seen in the following tumors: renal carcinoma, breast cancer, B-cell lymphoma, myeloma, melanoma, prostate cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, brain tumors and many more. Simply drag please consult your local doctor or medical practitioner. Treatment with DCs was demonstrated in several scientific studies and dissertations. [Studies]


Treatment with dendritic cells in which cancer stage they should be considered.


A dendritic cell therapy can be started immediately after the diagnosis 'cancer'. Typically, a DC-treatment will unfortunately only pulled into consideration when all other conventional medical options have been exhausted. But: The earlier treatment with dendritic cells is started, the greater the chance of cure, of course. But the therapy has already been used successfully even palliative.


During chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy, a dendritic cell therapy can be used as adjunctive therapy. Advantage for the person concerned is that the damaged by chemotherapy or radiation therapy, cancer cells can be better combated. Also a significant reduction of the known side effects of traditional treatments can take place. When is the best time for you, as a patient, your medical specialist should decide together facing your specific cancer with you.


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How successful is a Dendritic cell therapy, what are the chances of healing?


Die Erfolge bei austherapierten oder unheilbar erkrankten Patienten liegen heute nach neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen bei weit über 30 %. Das Ziel einer dendritischen Zelltherapie ist immer die Remission des Betroffenen. Ob das für den einen oder anderen in Betracht kommt. kann niemand genau sagen. Auch ein Versprechen auf vollständige Heilung gibt es nicht. Viele Patienten geben sich damit zufrieden, wenn ihre Krebserkrankung zum Stillstand kommt. In verschieden neueren Studien kam es bei Patienten zu einer Remission.


As the dendritic cells are produced?


In our specialized laboratory which you extracted whole blood (200 ml), in different fractions separately (centrifuge). The fraction with the white blood cells has the progenitors of dendritic cells. These come in a petri dish and grown at a growth solution in the incubator. The highly pure, genetically engineered tumor material obtained from your blood. After 7 days of culture, the mature dendritic cells are loaded with the tumor material. Now, the dendritic cells are trained on the tumor, so as to give the information to the immune cells further.


What additional medications or therapies to support are recommended.


The company IMMUMEDIC has faced exactly with its scientists, health professionals, specialists and naturopaths this question. This is the treatment concept 'DKZplus' emerged. These are different modules that have been combined into a treatment concept. The cancer draws DNA damage -Zellstruktur with itself, so an intact immune system to an optimal control of the tumor is very important. By chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the healthy and the diseased cells are destroyed, thus seriously damaged the immune system. It is not only the tumor, but also by the standard therapies to cell damage, which must be rebuilt and repaired. Here engage not only the dendritic cells, but also the ImmuSeroForte with the heat shock proteins. The multiple applications with our serum, the damaged DNA is repaired and cell structure strengthens the immune system. As a result, the tumor disease are 40 times combated more effectively than any other known treatment options fortune. A rejection or an allergic reaction is not known, such as e.g. in an immunotherapy with artificially produced and trained T cells. Since everything is made of their body's blood, there is no negative reactions.


Are there any contraindications for treatment with dendritic cells or ImmuSeroForte?


A study carried out chemotherapy or radiation therapy, depending on the status of the immune system, constitute a contraindication. It is recommended that treatment with dendritic cells a week before chemotherapy or radiotherapy or a week later. During chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it is not recommended by many specialists. During therapy, but makes a structure of the damaged DNA with the ImmuSeroForte sense. A dendritic cell therapy one week before or after the standard treatment alleviates the side effects or they remain completely. Also it has been reported by many patients that after a treatment with dendritic cells or with ImmuSeroForte the strong drugs against pain were sold. The patients reported that they had to take after about 48 to 72 hours no more painkillers.


How much is a treatment with dendritic cells or the treatment regimen "DKZplus"?


Due to the high labor costs (the preparation is carried out in several steps and requires specialists as geneticist, skilled laboratory technicians who after their training must attend special training), the cost to chemotherapy or radiation expected nor human annualized. For a DC-treatment with an advantageous application (1 set of 2 injections ri./le.), The cost for you, your private or public health insurance under 20 thousand euros. For the treatment concept 'DKZplus' with the modules dendritic cell therapy with the advantageous one application, a Immunaufbaukur with 10 applications, two EDIM blood tests (see treatment plan DKZplus) and a two-time vitamin and mineral deficiency analysis with the corresponding 6-month supply of vitamins and minerals, the cost is Euro below 30 thousand. The individual therapy with the ImmuSeroForte (10 injections) to build the immune system or in autoimmune diseases, the costs under 8 thousand euro. Each module can also be used separately and has its specific treatment successes. For treatment by the private or public health insurance, see more under the heading 'health insurance' or get an offer from our company create.

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