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We will help to get healthy again – with our therapy concepts and the medical specialists.

You are a medical specialist and you want your patients to offer an ambulant biological cancer therapy?


The company IMMUMEDIC Servicios Médicos S.L. would like to introduce itself to you as a medical service company. We have our headquarters on the Canary island of Tenerife (Spain) and we develop therapeutic concepts with an own medical advisory board. So we will take care of the acquisition, contracting, billing management, time scheduling, medical logistics, the genetic laboratory works with our specialised laboratory in Germany, quality management and documentation.


It is our job to give your patients a personalised, fully biological Dendritic Cell Therapy on an outpatient basis in your practice rooms with you as the attending doctor.


The following services we are offering you, as the medical specialist, as a package for your patients:


  • A dendritic cell therapy as a sole biological cancer therapy or as an adjunctive therapy in addition to a chemo- or radiotherapy.


  • All contractual transactions with your patients.


  • All logistical processes, such as delivery of blood collection sets to your practice and the transport of blood to the laboratory, the preparation of the applications in compliance with the rules of GMP in our certified laboratory in Germany, deliveries of the dendritic cell suspensions on schedule to your practice.


  • Taking care of your patients / our clients with our appointment inquiries and the providing of our documents for their applications for a cost reimbursement at the private or public health insurances.


  • Blood tests, such 'EDIM test' for cancer status and vitamin- and mineral deficiency analyses.


  • Delivery of the specific Immuno-Serum for being i.m.-injected as a cure for to revitalise and invigoration of the immune system. [Leaflet Download here]


Our Dendritic Cell treatment concept 'DKZplus', developed by a team of specialists, or the pure Dendritic Cell therapy as the treatment module 'DCs' can be offered by you to your patients also directly. About the details for cooperation in that case we will inform you willingly.


As 'the physician/doctor of trust' you will support your patient over the whole therapy – starting from day one. The final result will an in total complete treatment concept for getting an optimal and sustainable fight against the tumour.


In consultation with you, you will receive the blood collection set by our logistic service on the scheduled day for blood taking.


Without time delay, soon after its taking, the patient's blood, packed in a special cooled container, will be directly delivered to the laboratory.


After manufacturing of the Dendritic Cells in our specialized laboratory, the cell suspension, which is prepared for the application, will be delivered directly to your practice by our medical logistics.


As being the attending medical specialist you will receive all results of 'EDIM blood tests' for to report the current tumour status exclusively to your patient.


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For medical questions please contact our specialists and medical practitioners over the phone.


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